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Hello, My name is Havva and I live in Kent.
I’ve always been into the arts and creative making as a young child and finding my true passion in resin has been wonderful.
My art is free flow which means I do not draw or plan before I create.
I listen to music which then comes through to me and then inspires my work to be created. This makes each art I create unique, they all hold a very special place in my heart.
I also do commission pieces where I work closely with my clients for their ideas, inspiration and colour's to create that perfect piece for there home/space.
I use high quality epoxy resin which is non- toxic and has a certificate of compliance so it's safe to be in contact with food for my trays, and Charcuterie boards.
In my art work, I use genuine piece of agate, natural quartz crystal (which are known for healing, cleansing and manifestation)
I also use crushed glass, fire glass, acrylic paint, mica powder and acrylic Crystals for the depth.

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