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Jennifer H
Jennifer H
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Jennifer H
Joined 2021-06-25

Hello. I am a self-taught artist living in Berkshire who loves to paint anything that catches my eye.

I am endlessly fascinated by the wonder of the natural world and captivated by everyday things that are often overlooked. Like a child, I can spend ages observing a beetle or a leaf or a patch of light and shade. In my work I aim to capture a little bit of this wonder and aliveness and bring a small slice of the outdoors indoors! I hope my paintings may trigger a memory, evoke a feeling or simply make you smile.

I enjoy fine detailed work using watercolour and like to record the flowers in my garden as they appear each season and as they decay, which they do just as beautifully as they bloom.

I am also exploring a more impressionist way of working using acrylics and oils. In addition to painting, I make whimsical and curiously expressive sculptures of creatures using scrap and unwanted wood.

I try to lessen my impact on the world so I use natural paints where I can, I don’t use any harmful solvents or varnishes and I don’t wash my paint residue down the drain. I paint many of my paintings on repurposed wood and I recycle my ‘failed’ art into business cards.

I spend a lot of time outside running and walking in the countryside, rowing on the Thames, pottering in my garden and I work part time on a farm training cows to pull carts.

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