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Jane B
Jane B
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Jane B
Joined 2021-05-10

Jane Bain

Artist, printer

Inspired by all around me, my work is an eclectic mix of birds, fruit and memories. From my London garden with its birds, insects and plants; produce from local farmers markets and supermarkets; china cups, ginger jars and an array curios collected over the years; these are the things that shape my work.

Growing up in South West London, where I still live, I studied at Wimbledon Art School and the London College of Printing, graduating in graphic design. Moving to Hong Kong and then Singapore propelled my journey into painting. I created oversized 'portraits' using pears as my models, drawn to their figure-like shape; I examined the detail of unopened lilies and all their promise to come; and I explored the curiousity and cheekiness of birds as they consider their surroundings. The fascination was in portraying the character behind each subject as much as the light and space around them.

Returning to the UK, I moved my studio to Wimbledon Art Studios, where, by chance, I was introduced to screen printing, a medium that appealed to my love of design. I was hooked and I now combine screen printing and painting by creating variable mono prints, where paint is applied directly onto the screen, producing a unique variant of the print each time.

The artwork for my designs are mainly drawn by hand, using pen and ink or wax crayon. For larger areas of colour, paper is cut to create the desired shapes. I love the unpredictable nature of a line when drawn with a nib, and the texture delivered by a crayon in contrast to a flat area of colour. My work is defined as much by the layering of colours and textures, as by the illustrative content of the artwork itself.

From prints, to greeting cards, calendars and even textiles, I choose to produce small print editions in order to keep my work, like many of her subjects, fresh and exciting. I also teach art and drawing and conduct printing workshops for the enrichment and enjoyment of children and adults alike.

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