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Grace Selous Bull Art
Grace Selous Bull Art
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Grace Selous Bull Art
Joined 2021-01-28

Hello lovely creatives, thank you for coming to check me and my work out. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to create, it has never been an option for me. Whether that is standing in front of paintings in museums or galleries, having my head in an art history book, working in an auction house or having a paintbrush in my hand. Painting and looking at art is a somewhat spiritual experience for me - the thin space where the world drops away.

At the moment I am working solely with alcohol inks. I have not yet found another medium that allows my imagination to run away with me. Painting with them is incredibly therapeutic and using metallics is where the magic lies as the light hits them.

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The whole buying process could not have been simpler or smoother - the website worked perfectly and the chosen pieces arrived within 48 hours and are as stunning as we expected.

1 years ago.